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Optimum Dosing Strategies’s ID – ODS open-architecture design allows integration and interoperability with a variety of third-party systems. ID – ODS is capable of exchanging information bi-directionally , giving health care practitioners vital access to the data they need at the point of care. Click here to contact us for further details about interfacing ID – ODS with your institutions electronic medical record.



Contact us to read about recent publications by the scientific team at Optimum Dosing Strategies. Our mission is to explore areas of research that helps to improve treatment of patients, regardless of age,  gender or ethnicity. Our current work focuses on helping every day practitioners better understand the ways in which drugs work in the body in special populations, including  young adults, the obese and dialysis patients.


Individually Designed Optimum Dosing Strategies, or ID – ODS, is a simulation tool with extensive model library built from population pharmacokinetic models published in high quality, peer reviewed literature. Based on patient demographic information readily available at the bedside, ID – ODS incorporates Monte Carlo simulation and Bayesian feedback into the design of personalized dosing regimens.

The application is currently available on mobile and desktop devices, and as a web application as well.