Contact us to read about recent publications by the scientific team at Optimum Dosing Strategies. Our mission is to explore areas of research that helps to improve treatment of patients, regardless of age,  gender or ethnicity. Our current work focuses on helping every day practitioners better understand the ways in which drugs work in the body in special populations, including  young adults, the obese and dialysis patients.

Manuscripts and Letters

2012 – Farkas A, Successful target attainment of telavancin at elevated MICs: fact or fiction?  2012, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 56: 4560



2014 – Barry P.; Deck D.; Farkas A.; Pharmacokinetic modeling of linezolid dosing regimens for multidrug resistant tuberculosis

2013 – Farkas A, Rowin K; Pharmacodynamics of doripenem in critically ill patients: does race matter



2012- Sussman R, Farkas A, Lee A, Evaluation of pharmacist managed vancomycin therapy compared to physician managed dosing in establishing timely and therapeutic vancomycin serum concentrations at a community hospital

2012 – Farkas A, Keren A, Hoffman C; Novel method to maximize levofloxacin pharmacodynamics for the treatment of systemic gram negative infections based on the population distribution of patient demographics at a community hospital



2014 – Farkas A, Daroczi G, Roberts J, Population Probability of Target Attainment of Colistin at Different Levels of Renal Function Against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumanii in Europe

2014 – Farkas A, Daroczi G, Roberts J, Usage statistics of Individually Designed Optimum Dosing Strategies, a multi-model based online application to individualize antibiotic dosing in critically ill patients


ASM Microbe

2014 – Farkas A.; Saju S.; Gould P.; Kuriyilel J.; Villasurda P.; Roberts J.; Comparative evaluation of the performance of a population equation and two Bayesian methods to predict future Vancomycin concentrations .

2014 – Farkas A.; Villasurda P.; Feldfogel H.; Afroz S.; Evaluation Of The Safety And Efficacy Of Low Versus High Vancomycin Trough Levels For The Treatment Of Conditions Caused By Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus